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This site was founded in 2008 and was showing the best Justin TV channels. When Justin TV stopped in 2014 and became gaming platform, we switched to other live streaming video platforms Vaughnlive, Youtube and Dailymotion. We continued selecting only the best live streams and put them in one of the 6 categories; movies, series, sitcoms, news, sports and animated shows. Enjoy!

Please note that this page uses embed enabled live streams and channels hosted by, Youtube and Dailymotion, but is not part of/ developed by the parties mentioned.

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Now On TV offers over 60 best publicly available TV channels with entertainment, movies, news, sports. Channels are all in English and from over the globe; from Australia and UK to the USA.
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MobiVi has picked the best out of the available full movies on Youtube and Dailymotion. Which is nice because the number of low quality or misleading movie titles is unimaginable...

Filmvault has picked the best out of the free movie collection of TubiTV and Popcornflix (which is also nice because the number of B / C movies, especially on Popcornflix is quite extensive)and brought them together. Alway nice having someone doing the dirty work...